An Eagle’s View on Africa’s Grain Markets Week Ending 1st January 2021

Figure 1 Africa’s Grains Movement for the Week Ending 1st January 2021 ©Fostina Mani

We are Back!

The Betta Grains website was designed to help Africa’s smallholder farmers and informal trader to simply access market information through pictures and prices. The Markets Trade Analysis was simply to further help them understand Africa’s grains movement and markets. We had no idea, this would lead to so many requests for market access and linkages, and honestly, for a while we were not sure what to do.  So, we paused to think and plan.

CORVID19 was the wail wind that spined us into pivoting a new business, that strictly focuses on the huge demand from large buyers and sellers, and the running of our online shop.  Our new business Fostina Mani Investments, facilitates trade through our marketplace Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko,  The marketplace, unlike others is private and works strictly with vetted buyers and sellers, to minimize risk and protect our clients from fraud.

The Grain Markets Trade Analysis

  • Somalia’s rice exports into Kenya have completely distorted the imported rice market, making the selling of Indian and Pakistan rice extremely unprofitable. A couple of Dubai Rice exporters visiting Kenya, were shocked to find imported rice in Nairobi’s Eastleigh market was selling at a much cheaper price than in Dubai.
  • Delayed rains severely damaged the green gram crop in Kenya and Tanzania, causing huge shortage of quality green grams, as more than 50% of the harvest crop had discoloured and damaged, leading to high losses when grading and sorting.
  • There were increased imports through Kenya’s Northern border, from Ethiopia and Somalia.  Kenya is a net importer of dry grains and cereals, mostly from Uganda and Tanzania.  This increased trade flow is likely to affect Uganda and Tanzania’s commodity prices.

The Week’s Market Prices for Selected Markets

Table 1 – Market Price of a Few Select African Markets for the Week Ending 1st Jan 2021, US$1=Ksh100.00 (Kindly note the exchange rate is an estimate) ©Fostina Mani

Author; Fostina Mani, Global Trade Engagement Director, Betta Grains, Founder Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko., Twitter: @FostinaMani.

Acknowledgment:  The data used for the analysis has been obtained from; IAM, Government of Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Trade and Industry, EAGC, RATIN, Farm Gain Uganda, FEWS NET, AHCX, & Betta Grains. 

Disclaimer. The purpose of the analysis, is simply to provide an indication of the Africa Regional Markets to SMEs, Smallholder Farmers, and Other Stakeholders in a manner and language that is applicable, simple, and easy to understand.

©Fostina Mani 2021