Welcome to our online shop and marketplace housed at the “Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko” Why a different platform?

Well. Betta Grains is already full of valuable market information, which has seen it become the leading provider of private sector information. The public loves it and we did not to change it as it serves our customers needs very well.

Secondly we have received soo many request for Buyers & Sellers that it was becoming difficult to serve those needs well. We therefore decided to spin off those requests to a new company Fostina Mani Investments still our family company that will focus on better meeting the needs for Buyers & Sellers, Providing Mentorship, Couching for Women and Youth Entrepreneurs, as well as compiling data to meet the increasing demand for our Regional Grain Trade Analysis. Fostina Mani will be focusing on addressing these needs, and managing our Betta Grains online shop eDuka.

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