Below are our Grade 2 (non selected and non-sorted) prices.

White Cow Peas/ cowpeas/ Black Eyed peas (Kunde), popular meal when served with rice or ugali. Retail Ksh162($1.00)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh139($0.86)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh12,528($77.27).  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports 90kg bags prices of Kirinyaga – Kagio Ksh10,500($67.09), Kirinyaga -Kerugoya Ksh12,500($79.87), Kirinyaga – Kutus Ksh9,900($63.26),  Kirinyaga – Makutano Ksh8,100($51.76), Kirinyaga – Ngurubani Ksh8,100(51.76), Kisii – Daraja Mbili ksh7,200($46.01), Nakuru – Molo Ksh18,000($115.02), Nakuru – Wakulima Ksh9,000($57.51), Siaya – Aram Ksh16,200($103.51), Tharaka Nithi – Chuka Ksh7,000($44.73), Meru – Kangeta Ksh8,100($51.76), Meru – Maua Ksh6,500($41.53), Nairobi – Nyamakima Ksh11,997($76.66), Nairobi – Kawangware Ksh10,800($69.01), Trans Nzoia – Kitale Ksh16,200($103.51), Vihiga – Cheptulu Ksh18,000($115.02).

KundeRedRed Cow Peas/ cowpeas (Kunde), popular meal when served with rice or ugali.  Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh128($0.79)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83).  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports 90kg bags prices of Bogoma – Bongoma Town Ksh13,000($83.07), Bogoma – Webuye Ksh13,500($86.26), Embu – Embu Town Ksh7,000($44.73),  Kirinyaga – Kerugoya Ksh12,500($79.87), Kirinyaga – Makutano Ksh8,100($51.76), Kisii – Daraja Mbili Ksh7,200($46.01), Kisii -Nyakoe Ksh 5,796($37.04), Kitui – Kisasi Ksh7,650($48.88), Machakos – Athi-River Ksh12,996($83.04), Meru – Nkubu Ksh6,000($38.34), Nairobi – Gikomba Ksh12,500($79.87), Nakuru – Naivasha Ksh10,800($69.01), Siaya Ksh8,397($53.65), Tharaka Nithi Ksh5,499($35.14), Tala Ksh8,100($51.76), Makueni – Kathonzweni Ksh9,000($57.51), Vihiga Ksh7,200($46.01)

FEWSNET reports Somalia, Buale Ksh126($1.05), El Dhere Ksh190($1.58), Galkayo Ksh289($2.41), Merka Ksh174($1.45), Mogadishu Ksh174($1.45).

KundeBrownBrown Cow Peas/cowpeas (Kunde), Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh128($0.79)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports 90kg bags prices of Tharaka Nithi – Chuka Ksh10,503($87.34), Kakamega – Khayega Ksh10,500($67.09), Kirinyaga – Kagio Ksh10,500($67.09), kirinyaga – Kutus Ksh10,800($69.01), Kisumu – Ahero Ksh20,250($129.39), Nairobi – Gikomba Ksh12,500($79.87), Nairobi – Kawangware Ksh10,800($69.01), Nakuru – Molo Ksh18,000($115.02), Siaya Ksh8,397($69.83), Tharaka Nithi Ksh5,499($45.73), Vihiga Ksh7,200($59.88). 

FEWSNET reports Nigeria, Diffa Ksh79($0.66), Sabon Machi Ksh72($0.62). Mozambique, Cho’kwe Ksh102($0.85), Moputo Ksh107($0.89).

Pigeon Peas (Mbaazi, Baazi, Nzuu, Njugu ).  A popular alternative to beans, especially when fresh is a cheaper alternative to green peas.  Retail Ksh232($1.43)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh220($1.36)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh19,836($122.34). Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports wholesale prices per 90kg bag,  at Bugoma – Webuye Town Ksh11,250($71.88), Embu – Embu Town Ksh13,500($86.26), Garissa Ksh16,200($103.51),  Kajiado – Kiserian Ksh9,000($57.51), Kirinyaga – Kagio Ksh11,000($70.29), Kirinyaga – Kutus Ksh9,504($60.73), Kirinyaga – Kerugoya Ksh12,500($79.87), Kirinyaga – Makutano Ksh15,000($95.85),  Kirinyaya – Ngurubani Ksh15,000($95.85), Kitui – Kisasi Ksh7,650($48.88),  Makueni – Emali Ksh6,003(38.36), Meru – Kangeta Ksh15,300($97.76), Meru – Maua Ksh13,500($86.26), Nairobi – Kangemi Ksh9,000($57.51), Nairobi – Gikomba Ksh11,500($73.48), Nairobi – Kawangware Ksh11,700($74.76), Nairobi -Nyamakima Ksh8,496($54.29), Nakuru – Molo Ksh18,000($115.02), Nakuru – Wakulima Ksh15,300($97.76), Nyeri – Nyeri Open Air Ksh14,500($92.65), Nyandarua – Soko Mpya Ksh15,800($100.96), Tharaka-Nithi – Chuka Ksh14,000($89.46).  

Malawi Pigeon Peas, are available only in larger container size consignment.  We do not stock them in our retail outlets.  To order kindly get in touch with our marketing department.  AHCX reports price/kg at Malawi, Lilongwe, Ksh280, $2.33).



Dry Green Peas (Mijii). Dried green peas are a popular meal especially during festive seasons and are a popular alternative to the more expensive fresh beans.  Domestic consumption includes Mokimo (Mashed Potatoes and Peas), and vegetable stews.  Retail Ksh209($1.29)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh197($1.21)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh17,748($109.46)

Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports wholesale prices per 50kg bag,  at  Embu – Embu Town Ksh15,000($110.69), Kisumu – Muhoroni Ksh15,750($116.23),   Kajiado Ksh5,500($40.59), Kirinyaga – Kerugoya Ksh13,500($99.62), Malindi Ksh6,000($44.28), Meru – Nkubu Ksh12,000($88.55), Maua Ksh11,000($81.17), Nakuru – Molo Ksh49,500($365.29), Wakulima Ksh13,500($99.62), Nairobi – Gikomba Ksh16,200($119.55), Kawangware Ksh20,700($152.75), Nandi – Kibiok Ksh18,000($132.83), Kabiyet Ksh22,500($166.04), Tharaka – Nithi  Chuka Ksh10,800($79.70), Trans-Nzoia – Sikhendu Ksh20,250($129), Bondeni Ksh20,250($149.43), Kitale Ksh20,250($149.43), – Kabati Ksh14,400($106.27), Kwale – Lunga Lunga Ksh7,200($53.13), Turkana – Lodwar Ksh13,500($99.62), Uasin-Gishu – Eldoret Ksh24,750($182.64), Vihiga – Cheptulu Ksh22,500($166.04).

Chick Peas (Chania). Chick Pea whole is a favorite among the Indians, Somalis, and Arabs.  Chick peas can be added to githeri as a rich source of potassium. Chickpea tends to take longer to cook, and may require presoaking before cooking.  Retail Kshs.220($1.36)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh209($1.29)/kg; 50Kg Bag Ksh10,440($64.39).  Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report market prices for chickpeas.

Exchange Rate US$1=Ksh162.14 (Kindly use the currency converter provide above to change from Kenya Shillings to your local currency).