Below are our Grade 2 (non selected and sorted) prices.

Dengu Ordinary, Green Grams (India Green Mung) is a readily available locally. However the ordinary dengu is the least popular variety, the reason being the small grain makes sorting of the product a challenge, secondly the grain does not mature evenly resulting in a lot of wastage at household consumption level.  The commodity has become increasing unpopular with our customers.  Retail Ksh128($0.79)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh116($0.72)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh10,440($64.39).  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports the wholesale price/90kg bag at Kajiado – Loitoktok Ksh11,700($94.78), Kakamega – Khayega Ksh12,600($102.07), Kirinyaga – Kerugoya Ksh12,600($102.07), Nairobi – Nyamakima Ksh9,900($80.19), Nakuru Ksh9,900($80.19),  Nyandarua Ksh10,998($89.09), Kajiado Ksh12,000($97.21), Kitale, Ksh13,500($109.36), Isiolo, Ksh6,000($48.60), Nakuru Ksh9,900($80.19), Nandi – Kabiyet Ksh10,800($87.48),  Siaya – Akala Ksh10,800($87.48), Siaya Aram Ksh8,523($69.04), Trans Nzoia – Kitale Ksh9,900($80.19), Uasin Gishu Mois Bridge Ksh7,650($61.97), West Pokot Ksh16,200($131.23).

DenguUncle2Dengu, Polish/Nylon Green grams (India – Mung), varies from the ordinary because of their polished look, hence the name Polish or Nylon.  Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh128($0.79)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83). Dengu, Nylon Biashara, Retail Ksh151($0.93)/kg, Wholesale Ksh139($0.86), 90kg Bag Ksh12,528($77.27). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports the wholesale price/90kg bag at Eldoret Ksh13,500($109.36), Embu – Kiritiri Ksh11,250($91.13), Isiolo Ksh6,000($48.60), Kajiado – Ngong Ksh10,800($87.48) Kajiado – Kiserian Ksh12,600($102.07), Kajiado Ksh12,000($97.21), Kirinyaga – Kutus Ksh11,250($91.13), Kisumu – Katito Ksh11,250($91.13), Kisumu – Muhoroni Ksh13,500($109.36), Kitale, Ksh13,500($109.36), Kwale – Ukunda Ksh13,500($109.36), Lamu -Mpeketoni Ksh12,600($102.07), Nakuru Ksh9,450($76.55), Nandi – Kibiok Ksh15,750($127.58), Nyandarua – Soko Mpya Ksh13,302($107.75),  Nyeri – Gakindu Ksh9,801($79.39), Nyeri – Othaya Ksh9,504($76.99), Siaya – Akala  Ksh12,114($98.13), Siaya – Aram Ksh9,207($74.58), Siaya – Bondo Ksh12,402($100.46), Tharaka Nithi Ksh8,496($68.82), Usain Gishu – Eldoret Ksh15,750 ($127.58), Vihiga Ksh10,800($87.48), West Poko – Chepareri Ksh10.800($87.48).  

Green grams (Kenya Dengu, Makueni/Uncle variety), Uganda (Cotton variety) (India – Mung),  bigger grains than ordinary and nylon, the variety with a more dusty look, it is tastier and cooks evenly.  It is the preferred variety for household consumption and is grown Makueni, Kitui, and Matuu Kenya. Makueni is only found in Kenya, in the East Africa region.   Retail Ksh182($1.28)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh176($1.24)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh17,550($123.38). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports the wholesale price/90kg bag Busia Ksh7,200($58.32), Embu Ksh9,999($81.00), Embu-Kirirtiri Ksh11,250($91.13),  Kajiado – Kitengela Ksh12,600($102.07), Kajiado – Ngong Ksh11,700($94.78), Kirinyaga – Makutano Ksh11,997($97.18), Kitale Ksh11,000($89.10), Nairobi – Kangemi Ksh13,500($109.36), Nairobi – Nyamakima Ksh12,600($102.07), Kirinyaga – Ngurubani Ksh13,500($109.36),  Naivasha Ksh12,600($102.07), Nakuru Ksh14,400($116.65), Nyandaru – Kasuku Ksh 10,400($84.24), Nyeri Ksh9,000($72.90), Machakos – Tala Ksh11,700($94.78), Mombasa – Sega Ksh10,800($87.48).  Other reports wholesale price/kg in Uganda at Masindi, Ksh111.11($0.90)/kg, Lira, Ksh56.79($0.46)/kg, Gulu Ksh69.13($0.56)/kg.  Other reports retail prices/kg of Kenya; Nairobi Ksh124($1.01),  Nakuru, Ksh114.81($0.93), Machakos, Ksh114.81($0.93), Makueni Ksh114.81($0.93). Rwanda; Gicumbi Ksh98.76($0.80). Uganda; Masindi Ksh69($0.56), Lira, Ksh69.13($0.41), Gulu, Ksh46.91($0.38) Tanzania; Arusha, Ksh11.11($0.90), Iringa, Ksh106.17($0.86).

Dolichos (Njahi, Mbumbu, lablab) is popular for it’s high protein nutritional value. Excellent meal for nursing mothers as it is traditional known to aid in breast milk production.  Retail Ksh232($1.43); Wholesale Price Ksh220($1.36)90Kg Bag Ksh19,836.00($122.34). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture report price/90kg bag, Bag at Embu Ksh14,004($113.44), Embu – Kiritiri Ksh11,250($91.13), Kajiado – Kitengela Ksh12,600($102.07), Kirinyaga – Kutus Ksh13,752($111.40), Kirinyaga – Kerugoya Ksh13,500($109.36), Kisii – Daraja Mbili Ksh16,497($133.63), Kwale – Ukunda Ksh21,600($174.97), Lamu – Mpeketoni Ksh12,600($102.07),  Machakos – Tala Ksh10,800($87.48), Nairobi – Kangemi Ksh13,500($109.36), Nairobi – Nyamakima Ksh15,003($121.53), Naivasha Ksh12,600($102.07), Nakuru Ksh14,400($116.65), Nandi – Kabiyet Ksh13,500($109.36), Nyandaru Ksh12,798($103.67), Tharaka Nithi – Chuka Ksh14,004($113.44), Wajir – Soko Mjinga Ksh18,000($145.81).


Dengu Special, brown grain popular due to its filling and does not cause heartburn or digestive gas in comparison with the ordinary green-gram. Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh128($0.79)/kg; 100Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83).



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kamande2-150x150.jpgLentils (Kamande) is imported into Kenya from India, and is currently selling at Retail Ksh441($2.72)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh418($2.58)50Kg Bag Ksh20,880($128.78). The Canada imported lentils are currently selling for Retail Ksh441($2.72)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh418($2.58); 50kg Bag Ksh20,880($128.78). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does report the price per bag at Baringo – Eldama Ravine Ksh7,000($56.70), Embu Ksh11,500($93.16), Embu – Kiritiri Ksh12,500($101.26), Nairobi – Nyamakima Ksh11,000($89.10), Nakuru Ksh10,000($81.00), Nyandaru – Kasuku Ksh10,400($84.24), Nyandaru – Soko Mpya Ksh5,000($40.50), Trans Nzoia – Kitale Ksh11,000($89.10), Uasin Gishu – Mois Bridge Ksh12,000($97.21).

Moon Dall Split DenguMoong Dall,  is split green gram, grown locally in Makueni and Matuu, Kenya.  The dall is a favourite among the Indians, Somalis, and Arabs.  The product is currently selling at Retail Ksh220($1.36)/kg, Wholesale Price of Ksh209($1.29)/kg; Ksh10,440($64.39)/50kg Bag.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20170330_134942-2-150x150.jpgChania,  is split chick, and is a favourite among the Indians, Somalis, and Arabs.  The product is currently selling at Retail Ksh220($1.36)/kg, Wholesale Price of Ksh209($1.29)/kg; Ksh10,440($64.39)/50kg Bag.

Exchange Rate US$1=Ksh162.14 (Kindly use the currency converter provide above to change from Kenya Shillings to your local currency).