Milled Flour

As cereal suppliers we have noted an increasingly demand for African Traditional Foods as the preferred choice of healthy eating.  Many household are opting to return to traditional breakfast meals (uji) and replacing maize with various other alternative as indicated below.


White Maize Meal (Ugali) flour is mostly used for making ugali (cornbread), and comes in two types of grades. Grade 1 (Sifted) in which the husks are first removed then the maize is milled.  Grade 2 the maize is milled whole.  This means that Grade 2 maize meal is high in fiber, and is the preferred healthy option.    Retail Ksh90($0.56)/kg; Wholesale Ksh87($0.54)/kg;  90Kg Bag Ksh7,830($48.29); Unsifted (Grade 2/ Whole Milled Maize), is a popular healthy option for making ugali, is selling at Retail Ksh90($0.56)/kg; Wholesale Ksh87($0.54)/kg;  90Kg Bag Ksh7,830($48.29).  

FarmGain reports wholesale prices/kg at Owino Ksh90.34($0.62), Kisenyim Ksh90.34($0.62), Nakawa Ksh94.27($0.65), Kalerwe, Ksh94.27($0.65), Arua Ksh109.98($0.76), Kabale Ksh102.12($0.70), Kiboga Ksh98.19($0.68), Lira Ksh98.19($0.68), Masindi Ksh94,27($0.65), Mubende ksh94.27($0.65), Kapchorwa Ksh94.27($0.65), Mbale Ksh94.27($0.65) , Gulu Ksh98.19($0.68), Masaka Ksh94.27($0.65), Soroti Ksh98.19($0.68), Iganga ksh98,19($0.68), Tororo Ksh94.27($0.65), Mbarara ksh97.41($0.67), Kyankwanzi Ksh102.12($0.70), Kamwenge Ksh94.27($0.65), Bugiri Ksh94.27($0.65), Kyenjonjo Ksh98.19($0.68), Kabarole Ksh98.19($0.68), Kyegegwa Ksh94.27($0.65), Rukiga Ksh106.05($0.73).

Rwanda Price; Ziniya Ksh184.28($1.24), Rwamagana Ksh159.71($1.07), Rushashi Ksh135.14($0.91), Rukomo Ksh135.14($0.91), Nyarugenge Ksh165.85($1.11), Nyamata Ksh159.71($1.07), Nyakarambi Ksh147.42($0.99), Nyagatare Ksh135.14($0.91), Nyabugogo Ksh153.56($1.03), Nkora Ksh98.28($0.66), Ngororero Ksh110.57($0.74), Ndago Ksh147.42($0.99), Musha Ksh86($0.66), Musanze Ksh122.85($0.83), Mulindi Khs147.42($0.99), Mukarange Ksh147.42($0.99), Mukamira Ksh126.90($0.85), Muhondo Ksh98.28($0.66), Muhanga Ksh147.42($0.99), Mugina Ksh110.57($0.74), Matimba Ksh122.85($0.83), Mahoko Ksh135.14($0.91), Kizi Ksh147.42($0.99), Kirambo Ksh147.42($0.99), Kimisagara ksh122.85($0.83), Kimironko Ksh171.99($1.16), Kicukiro Ksh171.99($1.16), Kibuye Ksh135.14($0.88), Kibungo Ksh122.85($0.83), Kibirizi Ksh135.14($0.91), Kayenzi Ksh104.42($0.70), Karenge Ksh135.14($0.91), Karambi Ksh122.85($0.83), Kamembe Ksh147.42($0.99), Kabaya Ksh98.28($0.66), Kabarondo Ksh67.57($0.45), Gisenyi Ksh147.42($0.99), Gikongoro Ksh147.42($0.99), Gaseke Ksh147.42($0.99), Gasarenda Ksh122.85($0.83), Gakenke Ksh86($0.58), Gahoromani Ksh147.42($0.99), Gahanga Ksh147.42($0.99), Gahanga Ksh147.42($0.99), Byumba Ksh147.42($0.99), Byangabo Ksh135.14($0.91), Butara Ksh159.71($1.07).

DRC, Likasi, Ksh67($0.54), South Sudan, Juba, Ksh129($1.05), Tanzania, Arusha Ksh49($0.40).

Extra Fine White Maize Meal Flour, Baridii (Kisra), Kaunga (Uganda, Rwanda) is used to make Uji (porridge) and Kisra (chapatti, pancake) by Sudanese.  Baridii flour cannot be used to make Ugali, because it will not cake.  Baridii is selling at Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg, Wholesale Ksh116($0.72)/kg; 80Kg Bag Ksh9,280$57.23);The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.


Rice Flour is a gluten free porridge option for weaning babies.  If breast milk or milk formulars are leaving your baby still feeling very hungry it is time to pay us a visit, for our very popular baby porridge flours.  Rice flour is also used to make Tanzania Vibibi a gluten free rice and coconut pancake, Vitumbua – rice flour doughnuts, as well as Mahamri or Mandazi.  Rice Flour is selling at Retail ksh208($1.38)/kg, Wholesale Ksh195($1.30)/kg, Ksh17,550($116.77)/90 kg bag.


Pure Wimbi (Millet, Ulezi TZ) Flour is ground millet grain.  Mostly used for breakfast porridge and highly recommended as a maize substitute for ugali for diabetic customers.  Retail Ksh168($1.04)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh151($0.93)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh13,572($83.71); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices. 

Farmgain reports wholesale prices/kg the following Uganda wholesale prices at Owino Ksh113.90($0.78), Kisenyi Ksh109.98($0.76), Nakawa Ksh117.83($0.81), Kalerwe, Ksh117.83($0.81), Arua Ksh125.69($0.87), Kabale Ksh125.69($0.87), Lira Ksh102.12($0.70), Masindi Ksh117.83($0.81),  Mubende Ksh125.69($0.87), Kapchorwa ksh129.62($0.89), Mbale Ksh109.98($0.76) , Gulu Ksh109.98($0.76), Masaka Ksh117.83($0.81), Soroti Ksh109.98($0.76), Iganga Ksh117.83($0.81), Tororo Ksh121.76($0.84), Mbarara ksh125.69($0.87), Kyankwanzi Ksh129.62($0.89), Bugiri Ksh117.83($0.81), Kyenjonjo Ksh117.83($0.81), Kabarole Ksh125.69($0.87), Kyegegwa Ksh117.83($0.81), Rukiga Ksh129.62($0.89).

Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour (Unsifted Grade 2), (Ngano/Attah/ Brown Chapati flour) is high fiber wheat flour.  It is popular for chapatti and ugali especially with West Africans and people from North Rift Valley.   Retail Ksh128($0.79)/kg; Wholesale Ksh116($0.72)/kg;  90Kg Bag Ksh10,440($64.39).   Wheat Flour (Sifted Grade 1) sifted, Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Ksh128($0.79)/kg;  90Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83).


Muhogo (Cassava) Flour is ground cassava very popular with Congo, Rwanda, and Zaire nationalities currently residing in Kenya.  Retail Ksh104($0.64)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh93($0.57)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh8,352($51.51); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices. 

FarmGain reports wholesale prices/kg at Owino Ksh74.63($0.51), Kisenyi Ksh74.63($0.51), Nakawa Ksh78.55($0.54), Kalerwe, Ksh78.55($0.54), Aura Ksh70.70($0.49), Kabale Ksh86.41($0.60), Kiboga Ksh70.70($0.49), Lira Ksh58.92($0.41), Masindi Ksh66.77($0.46), Mubende Ksh70.70($0.49), Kapchorwa Ksh78.55($0.54), Mbale Ksh66.77($0.46), Gulu Ksh70($0.49), Masaka Ksh70.70($0.49), Soroti Ksh53.02($0.37), Iganga Ksh62.84($0.43), Tororo Ksh47.13($0.32), Mbarare ksh82.48($0.57), Kyankwanzi Ksh66.77($0.46), Kamwenge Ksh70.70($0.49), Bugiri Ksh70.70($0.49), Kyenjonjo Ksh70.70($0.49), Kyegegwa ksh74.63($0.49), Rukiga ksh86.41($0.60).

FEWSNET reports Kigali Ksh30($0.25).


Mtama (Sorghum) Flour mostly used for breakfast porridge. Red and White Sorghum flour sell at Retail Ksh104($0.64)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh95($0.59)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh8,352($51.51)The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices. 

Farmgain reports wholesale prices/kg at Owino Ksh94.27($0.65), Kisenyi Ksh94.27($0.65), Nakawa Ksh98.19($0.68), Kalerwe, Ksh98.19($0.68), Arua Ksh106.05($0.73), Kabale Ksh106.05($0.73), Kiboga Ksh98.19($0.68) Lira Ksh94.27($0.65), Masindi Ksh98.19($0.68), Mubende Ksh106.05($0.73), Mbale Ksh98.19($0.68) , Gulu Ksh98.19($0.68), Masaka Ksh109.98($0.76),  Soroti Ksh94.27($0.65), Iganga Ksh98.19($0.68), Tororo Ksh98.19($0.68), Mbarara Ksh117.83($0.81), Kyankwanzi Ksh102.12($0.70), Kamwenge Ksh102.12($0.70), Bugiri Ksh94.27($0.65), Kyenjonjo Ksh102.12($0.70), Kabarole Ksh102.12($0.70), Kyegegwa Ksh102.12($0.70), Rukiga Ksh109.98($0.76).



Wimbi Mix (Millet, Sorghum, Cassava) flour, is mostly popular with primary and secondary schools as it provides a healthier and cheaper breakfast meal.  Retail Ksh99($0.61)/kg *Wholesale Ksh90($0.56)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh8,143($50.22); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.



Sour (Lemon, Millet, Sorghum, Cassava) Flour mixed with acetic acid for a sour taste, is mostly popular with primary and secondary schools as it provides a healthier and cheaper porridge  Other names include fermented flour, unga imechacha, Kuchacha, kuganda etc. Retail Ksh117($0.78)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh107($0.71)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh9,620($64.01); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.



Mawele (Pearl Millet), Uwele TZ), Pearl Millet, flour a light green flour also used for making porridge, and popularly used as a fermentation agent in making porride (uji).  *Other names include fermented flour, unga yakuchacha or yakugandica etc.  Retail Ksh139($0.86)/kg; Wholesale Ksh128($0.79)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh11,484($70.83). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.



Omena (Sardine fish milled with Red Sorghum Grain) flour, Unga Wasamaki (Swahili) is mostly popular in porridge especially as a rich source of calcium for children, and an excellent traditional Africa way of ensuring small children sufficient Omega 3 intake.  Retail Ksh128($0.79)/kg; Wholesale Ksh116($0.72)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh10,440($64.39). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.


Njugu Mtama (Groundnut Milled with Sorghum) flour, is used for making porridge for children, and is rich in Magnesium.  Sorghum is rich in unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and iron.  Selling prices are Retail Ksh128($0.79)/kg and Wholesale Ksh116($0.72)/kg; 90Kg bag Ksh10,440($64.39). 


Terere Amaranth flour

Soya flour comes highly recommended especially for porridge.  Soya is very high in protein, and it’s recommended when used in making uji, that it porridge be cooked for an additional 20mins, due to the high protein content in soya.  Retail Ksh174($1.07)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh151($0.93)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh13,572($83.71). The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.


Terere Amaranth flour2

Terere (Amaranth) flour comes highly recommended especially for porridge. Retail Ksh220($1.36)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh209($1.29)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh18,792($115.90); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.



Mabuyu (Baobab) Fruit Powder or Flour.  Mabuyu flour in addition to being used in making one of the most popular snack/treat in Nairobi and Mombasa, the flour can also be used in as an additional ingredient in porridge.  The selling prices are Retail Ksh220($1.36)/kg; Wholesale Ksh209($1.29)/kg; 50kg bag, Ksh10,440($64.39).



Thafai, Thabai, (Stinging Nettle) flour, comes highly recommended as a alternative to tea leaves.  Nutritional benefits include reduced allergies, antioxidants, anti flammatory, anti-microbial, and anti cancer cell activities.  Domestic consumption in addition to tea includes Mokimo (mashed potatoes and maize meal).   Retail Ksh650($4.01)/kg; *Wholesale Ksh580($3.58)/kg; 25Kg Bag Ksh14,500($89.43); The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report this commodity’s market prices.


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Nigerian Garri / Gari, made from freshly selected cassava tubers.  Cassava tubers are uprooted and peeled, washed and grated to produce a mash., then mash placed in porous bags , allowed to ferment  then sieved (or sifted) and roasted by heating in a bowl. The resulting dry granular is pounded or grounded to make fine flour. Retail Ksh255($1.57)/kg, Wholesale Ksh232($1.43)/kg.; 50kg Bag 11,600($71.54). #Nigerian, #Garri, #Nairobi.


*Wholesale price offered for purchase of 20Kgs and more.

Exchange Rate US$1=Ksh162.14. Kindly use the currency converter provided above to change from Kenya Shillings to your local currency accurately.