Kenya enjoys a selection of both local and imported rice.  The locally produced rice is grown in Mwea, Kenya.  A big percentage of rice is imported mainly from Pakistan and India.  The Tanzania Pishori rice is also imported into the country.

KY-PishoriKenya Pishori;  An aromatic and most popular local rice variety especially for household consumption amongst the middle class, and therefore porn to numerous market tricks especially, mixing the rice with cheaper variety in order to earn brokers a quick buck.  Betta Grains is a credible and reputed as a trusted retailer 100% pure Kenya Pishori rice. Kenya Pishori Rice Retail price of Khs171($1.71)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh161($1.61)/kg; Ksh8,050($80.5)/50kg Bag;    RATIN reports the following prices/kg; Kenya, Mombasa Ksh140($1.40), Nairobi, Ksh149($1.49)/kg, Uganda, Lira, Ksh81($0.81)/kg, Tanzania, Songea, Ksh69($0.69)/kg, RW, Kimironko,  Ksh93($0.93)/kg, Burundi, Bujumbura, Ksh92($0.92), Tanzania, Iringa Ksh78($0.78), Tunduma, Ksh65($0.65).

TZ PishoriTanzania Pishori;  A very aromatic rice, mostly popular for it’s strong aroma. Pre-cooking sorting  is a challenge because of tiny white stones which makes it difficult to separate the broken rice.  The rice also requires a lot of attention in cooking, as it tends to cake.  It should be  cooked in low heat at 1.5 part water instead of 2 part water ratio to rice as in the other variety.   Retail price of Ksh133($1.33)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh128($1.28)/kg;   Ksh6,400($64)/50kg Bag.  RATIN reports the following retail prices/kg for Mbeya Rice in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Ksh108($1.08)/kg,  Iringa Ksh78($0.78)/kg, Morogoro Rice, in Dar es Salaam Ksh96($0.96).  AHCK reports, Malawi, Lilongwe, Ksh123($1.23)/kg.

Biryani-Sidano Rice

Sidano or Biryani Rice;  A non-aromatic and imported popular rice variety especially for the budget conscious households. When cooked the rice separates easily, another reason for it’s popularity.  Being a popular rice it has also become prone to being mixed with other cheaper variety.   Sidano/Biryani Rice retails at Ksh97($0.97)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh91($0.91)/kg; Ksh2,275($22.75)/25kg Bag.     RATIN reports the following wholesale prices/kg Burundi, Ngozi, Ksh140($1.40)/kg, Bujumbura, Ksh134($1.34), Ngozi, Ksh139($1.39)/kg, Kobero, Ksh129($1.29)/kg.  Kenya, Mombasa, Ksh85($0.85)/kg, and Rwanda, Kimironko, Ksh93($0.93)/kg, and Uganda, Lira, Ksh76($0.76)/kg. 

Super Basmati Parboil is imported rice Pakistan, its Grade 1 Long grain milled rice.  It’s an extremely popular variety with the Somalia community in Nairobi.  It’s popularity is mostly due to it’s inability to cake no matter how much water is used to boil it, its a very tasty non aromatic rice.      Super Basmati Retails at ksh153($1.53)/kg; Wholesale price Ksh147($1.47)/kg, Ksh3,675($36.75)/25kg bag. Tanzanians have a preference for their local rice over imported.


Basmati Rice

5 StarBasmati;  A non-aromatic and imported popular rice variety especially for the low income households, and schools. The rice is popular for it’s pocket friendly price, however the rice tends to easily cake. 5 Star Basmati, Retails at Ksh83($0.83)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh79($0.79)/kg;   Ksh1,975($19.75)/25kg Bag;  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report the market price.


Thai Parboil; The rice is non-aromatic and imported from Thailand.  The rice because of its increased volume when cooked, is a favorite among low income households.  Mother’s also like it because its big grains gives a comfortable eat especially for small children thereby making it very filling in comparison to other rice varieties.  Par-boil retails at Ksh103($1.03)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh99($0.99)/kg; Ksh2,475($23.75)/25kg Bag;  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report the market price.

Golden Basmati Parboil; The rice is non-aromatic and imported from India, Parkistan.  The grain is slightly bigger than the Super Basmatic parboil.  The parboil rice is normally boiled with the husks before it is milled.  Golden Basmati is a popular pilau rice.  Golden Basmati Parboil retails at Ksh123($1.23)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh117($1.17)/kg; Ksh2,925($29.25)/25kg Bag; The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report the market price.


Hola Pishori Rice;   Hola Pishori is an aromatic rice variety mostly found on the East Africa cost of Kenya and Tanzania. The rice is an all time favorite for Mombasa residents and Tanzanians living in Nairobi . Hola Pishori retails at Ksh143($1.43)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh133($1.33)/kg; Ksh6,650($66.5)/50kg Bag;  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report the market price.


Brown Rice;   Our brown rice is aromatic, it is the Kenya Pishori variety that is high in fiber and highly recommended for Diabetic individual or anyone desiring a high fiber rice. Brown Rice retails at Ksh183($1.83)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh173($1.73)/kg; Ksh8,650($86.5)/50kg Bag;  The Kenya Ministry of Agriculture does not report the market price.



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