The Becoming of an Organic African Marketplace “Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko”

Twelve years ago, I stood at the World Bank Development Marketplace 2008, Washington DC to make a case on fostering the adoption of Market Information Technologies by African women informal traders. I had NO idea!!, my proclamation would lead to Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko  

12 Years!!!? Well, my business suits and office desk had to make way for dust coats and bean sacks. I developed for market information and trade analysis. Zuku’s affordable WiFi become. Smartphones and Internet price had to drop to my non-donor funded pocket. Safaricom’s Mpesa had to become a way of life for Kenyans. Zuckerberg had to come to Kenya, and realize Africa was one huge market, and there really was no need to keep blocking our African IP from accessing US online shops. CORVID19 happened, causing Google to drop more Internet balloons so I could facilitate global trade from anywhere.

So Yes it took long, but for no fault of my own…. I was just waiting for the world wake up to the fact that Women Informal Traders rock Africa’s Cross Border Trade. Am humbled to dedicate this marketplace (soko) in honour of these Mothers of Africa, who so tirelessly aggregate, finance, transport, and feed Africa and the world. Fostina Mani

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About Fostina Mani

Global Trade Engagement Director Betta Grains. Founder of Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko ( Am championing an agricultural markets revolution that favours africa. Am a leading provider of private sector agricutlural market information. Am also facilitating agricultural trade for Africa's farmers, trader especiall women and youth.