We offer a selection of grain for those customers who prefer to mill various combination of grain for their milled breakfast meals (Uji).


Wimbi (Finger Millet, Ulezi TZ) grain is currently selling at Retail price of Ksh140($1.18)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh130($1.09)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh11,700($98.36). Government of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports 90kgs bag prices of  Nairobi. Ksh9,900($83.23), Bomet Ksh7,803($65.60), Mombasa Ksh 6,750($56.75), Kisumu Ksh7,600($63.89), Nakuru Ksh5,400($45.40), Embu Ksh9,000($75.66), Eldoret Ksh7,600($63.89), Elgeyo Marakwet Ksh6,804(57.20), Kakamega Ksh12,600($105.93), Kitale Ksh4,500($37.83), Kitengela Ksh8,100 ($68.10), Malindi Ksh8,100($68.10), Siaya Ksh11,043($92.84), Vihiga Ksh9,504($79.90). Tanzania wholesale price/kilogram; Arusha Ksh61($0.51),  Dodoma Ksh71($0.60), Kagera Ksh($0.64), Iringa Ksh($0.64), Lindi Ksh($0.86), Manyara Ksh($0.51), Morogoro Ksh76($0.81), Mtwara Ksh92($0.77), Mwanza Ksh92($0.77), Tobora Ksh92($0.77). Rwanda, Rubavu Ksh97($0.82), Ruhengeri Ksh94($0.79), Mulindi Ksh92($0.77), Kamembe Ksh92($0.77) Farmgain reports wholesale price/kg at Uganda, Owino Ksh66($0.55), Kisenyi Ksh66($0.55), Arua Ksh66($0.55), Lira Ksh36($0.30), Masindi Ksh60($0.50), Kamwenge Ksh72($0.61).


Red Sorgham (Mutama), grain is currently selling at Retail price of Ksh70($0.59)/kg; Wholesale Price Ksh60($0.50)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh4,050($34.05).  Government of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reported Wholesale price/90kg bag at, Nairobi Ksh4,500($37.83), Mombasa Ksh3,600($30.26), Kisumu Ksh4,000($33.63),  Nakuru Ksh4,050($34.05), Eldoret, Ksh4,500($37.83), Embu Ksh5,400($45.40), Kakamega Ksh5,400($45.40), Malindi Ksh6,000($50.44), Bomet Ksh3,996(33.59), Laikipia Ksh3,600($30.26), Meru Ksh4,050(34.05) . Tanzania wholesale price/kilogram Arusha Ksh36($0.30),  Dodoma Ksh30($0.25), Kagera Ksh67($0.56), Iringa Ksh51($0.43), Lindi Ksh92($0.77), Manyara Ksh40($0.34), Morogoro Ksh76($0.64), Mtwara Ksh51($0.43), Mwanza Ksh76($0.64), Tobora Ksh71($0.60). Uganda, Kampala Ksh39($0.39), Lira Ksh30($0.30), Masindi Ksh42($0.42), Gulu Ksh32($0.32), Kabale Ksh35($0.35). Farmgain reports wholesale prices/kg at Owino, Nakawa Ksh42($0.35), Kalerwe, Ksh45($0.38), Lira Ksh21($0.18), Mbale Ksh27($0.23) , Gulu Ksh15($0.13), Arua Ksh65($0.55). FEWSNET reports Kisumu Ksh44($0.37), Kitui Ksh40($0.37).

FingerMillet Mawele

Pearl, Bulrush Millet (Mawele, Uwele TZ), grain is currently selling at Retail Ksh100 ($0.84)/kg Wholesale Price Ksh90($0.76)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh8,100($68.10).  Government of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture reports 90kg bags at Embu, Ksh5,850($49.18), Meru Ksh4,950($41.61), Tharaka Nithi Ksh4,104($34.50). Tanzania Reports Wholesale price/kilogram; Arusha Ksh36($0.30),  Dodoma Ksh43($0.36), Kagera Ksh67($0.56), Iringa Ksh76.($0.64), Manyara Ksh40($0.34), Morogoro Ksh76($0.64), Mwanza Ksh76($0.64).


Simsim / Sesame Seeds, is currently selling at Retail Ksh190 ($1.60)/kg Wholesale Price Ksh180($1.51)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh18,000($151.32). Farmgain reports wholesale prices/kg at Owino, Nakawa Ksh105($0.88), Kalerwe, Ksh111($0.93), Lira Ksh105($0.88), Mbale Ksh135($1.13) , Gulu Ksh99($0.83), Arua Ksh105($0.88).


Wheat (Ngano – Swahili, Qamadi – Somali) grains.  We have recently started stocking very limited volumes of wheat grains, because of increasing demands from our customers from the Somali community and Rift Valley, who actually cook wheat as a high fiber rice alternative.  Wheat grain  is currently selling at Retail Ksh280 ($2.35)/kg Wholesale Price Ksh280($2.35)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh25,200($211.85).  Tanzania reports wholesale prices/kg, Dar Ksh65($0.55), Iringa Ksh65($0.55), Arusha Ksh37($0.31),  FEWSNET reports  the following price per kilogram Sudan, Nyala Ksh128($1.08), Kadugli KshKsh101($0.85), El Obeid Ksh102($0.86), El Fasher Ksh128($1.08), Port Sudan Ksh110($0.92).

Quinoa.  We have recently started stocking a few kilograms of Quinoa, because of increasing demands from our customers from the Somali community and Pokot.  We are currently selling at  Ksh160 ($1.35)/100grams. 


Cassava Chips / Muhogo Chips. There is an increasing demand for dried cassava chips as more people are opting to mill their own blended selection of porridge and ugali flours. Cassava Chips are currently selling at Retail Ksh80 ($0.67)/kg Wholesale Price Ksh70($0.59)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh6,750($56.75). Farmgain reports wholesale prices/kg at Kisenyi Ksh29($0.24), Arua, Ksh23($0.19), Lira Ksh19($0.16), Kiboga Ksh23($0.19) , Gulu Ksh26($0.22), Mbarara Ksh27($0.23), Masindi Ksh26($0.26), Mubende Ksh26($0.26), Mbale Ksh26($0.26), Masaka Ksh26($0.22), Soroti Ksh16($0.13), Iganga ksh26($0.22), Tororo Ksh23($0.23), Mbarara ksh26(0.26), Kyankwanzi Ksh24($0.27), Kamwenge Ksh23($0.19), Bugiri Ksh23($0.19), Kyenjonjo Ksh23($0.19). Kabarole Ksh23($0.19), Kyegegwa ksh19($0.16).


Fermented Cassava Chips / Muhogo Chips. Fermenting cassava chips is an healthy old African tradition for a tangy sour taste instead of using commercially manufactured critic acid. The fermented cassava chips are milled with sorghum and millet for porridge flour. Fermented Cassava Chips are currently selling at Retail Ksh90 ($0.76)/kg Wholesale Price Ksh80($0.67)/kg; 90Kg Bag Ksh7,200($60.53).


Mabuyu (Baobab) Seeds are used making one of the most popular street snack/treat in Nairobi and Mombasa. The seeds are soaked in sugary colored water, with an additional coating of Mabuyu flour, then left to dry. Chilly powder can be added for spicy Mabuyu.  The selling prices are Retail Ksh70($0.59)/kg; Wholesale Ksh65($0.55)/kg; 50kg bag, Ksh3,250($27.32)


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