East Africa Regional Grain Trade Analysis for the Week Ending 22nd September 2017


The Week’s Market Analysis

Figure 1 East Africa Regional Grain Trade Flow for the Week Ending 22nd September 2017

  • Maize:- Unusually high volumes of maize was exported from Uganda to Rwanda (1,098MT), in comparison to Uganda’s maize export to Kenya (119MT). This is because Western Kenya has harvested maize, and the market price is much lower currently at Ksh27/kg in comparison to Rwanda Ksh68($0.66)/kg, and Burundi Ksh70($0.68)/kg.  Rwanda also increased its maize export to DRC (516MT) Figure 1.
  • Sorghum:- The sorghum trade flow was from Tanzania to Uganda (810MT), then from Uganda to Rwanda (814MT). Kenya, despite having highest prices only imported (351.92MT) from Uganda, and (9MT) from Tanzania.
  • Millet:- There was increased millet trade in the East Africa region, which saw millet become the second highest traded commodity during the week.

The Week’s Market Prices for Select Markets

Table 1- Market Prices for Select Markets in the East Africa Region for the Week Ending 22nd September 2017

The Week’s Market Opportunities


Author; Fostina Mani, Betta Grains. Fostina.Mani@bettagrains.com, Twitter: @FostinaMani.

 Acknowledgment:  The data used for the analysis has been obtained from; IAM, Government of Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Trade and Industry, EAGC, RATIN, Farm Gain Uganda, FEWS NET,  & Betta Grains. 

 Disclaimer. Due to unavailable of data on various border points on formal cross-border trade flows and volumes in the public arena.  The volumes indicated above are mostly from the informal cross-border data that is available to the public.  The purpose of the analysis, is simply to provide an indication of the East Africa Regional Trade flow to SMEs, Smallholder Farmers, and Other Stakeholders in a manner and language that is applicable, simple, and makes sense. Those desiring to obtain actual trade volumes are advised to contact various internationally funded government projects that have been mandated to provide the regional trade data for public good.

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