An Eagle’s View on Africa’s Grain Markets Week Ending 2nd November 2019

Figure 1 Green Grams & Yellow Beans Wholseale Prices August 2018 – October 2019 (Betta Grains, Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture, RATIN)

The Week’s Market Analysis

  • The price of Dolichos has drastically increased because of the commodity’s shortage in Tanzania, caused by delayed rainfall in the East Africa Region. 
  • Nairobi is currently experiencing a huge shortage of maize, coupled with increasingly high wholesale prices of the commodity. 
  • The price of Green Grams has also drastically increased from Ksh95(US$0.95)/kg to Ksh150(US$1.50)/kg, a result of delayed rainfalls, and diminishing supply of the commodity in the market.
  • Kenya had a huge shortage of both white and red groundnuts, an excellent business opportunity for groundnut suppliers.

The Week’s Market Prices for Selected Markets

Table 1 Market Prices for a few Selected Markets for the Week Ending 2 November 2019. US$1= Ksh100 (Approximate)

Author; Fostina Mani, Betta Grains., Twitter: @FostinaMani.

Acknowledgment:  The data used for the analysis has been obtained from; IAM, Government of Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Trade and Industry, EAGC, RATIN, FarmGain Uganda, Knoema, FEWS NET, AHCX,  USDA & Betta Grains. 

Disclaimer. The purpose of the analysis, is simply to provide an indication of the Africa Regional Markets to SMEs, Smallholder Farmers, and Other Stakeholders in a manner and language that is applicable, simple, and easy to understand.

©Betta Grains 2019

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